Lean manufacturing has become a standard practice for many businesses across the UK. However, lingering furlough, reduced operating hours and supply shortages worldwide begs the question as to whether there is room for Lean in a Covid-19 world?

Covid-19 has brought us a new era of change. One minute we are functioning ‘normally’ and the next we are staying in our homes not moving off the couch. This sudden change in pace can have negative consequences for businesses, particularly when it comes to being prepared to meet a change product demand.

Many non-pharmaceutical manufacturing firms have experienced either a notable decline in the pace of manufacturing with lockdowns causing customers to slow down in their consumption. However, as the UK slowly regains a sense of normality again, these firms will inevitably experience a surge in demand for their products. Ensuring that processes are occurring in a productive time-frame, with reduced costs and with improved efficiency will ensure that as product demand increases the business can maintain their customer satisfaction rates, whilst also facing the mass of complications Covid-19 has introduced such as delivery, supply shortages etc. After all, everyone is now accustomed to online orders arriving next day – delivered straight to the couch. It is critical that orders are completed quickly and correctly every time, otherwise your customers will take their business elsewhere with a click of a button.

On the other hand, pharmaceutical companies have experienced an exponential increase in demand for supplies. The utilisation of Lean tools and techniques will ensure that process times and waste production are reduced, to ensure that their manufacturing processes are streamlined and efficient to meet rising customer needs nationwide.

It is clear that Lean manufacturing processes are more essential today than at any other time, for all business types. The utilisation of Lean tools and technologies will allow businesses to solve problems and adapt to keep up with the unprecedented pace of change.

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