Yes, welcome to our new website. All in the name of Continuous Improvement of course. As you will see, it’s the same URL, with slightly different content. The biggest change is we have removed our recorded online courses.

“Why so?” I hear you ask.

Well, to cut a long story short I much prefer working with people face to face, either in the same room or live online. It’s a personal preference and yes, I do know there are some fantastic recorded online courses. I’ve just watched Neil deGrasse Tyson’s ‘Scientific Thinking and Communication’ on Masterclass and I was impressed.

But I would much rather be there to see people, to interact with them, to gauge their level of interest and understanding, to ask questions, to answer their questions as they occur. And when working with people in a live situation we can have a lot of fun by engaging in Lean learning activities, you know, Lean games.

When you’re playing a Lean game, you’ll be enjoying yourself, and when you’re enjoying yourself it’s so much easier to learn, and to then apply the various Lean concepts the games will teach you. What are some of the Lean games I am talking about? Well, check out our blog about the three best Lean games very company should learn to play.

Perhaps you’re wondering about the image accompanying this blog? Sure, it’s not an image of our new website, it’s what the home page of our website looked like when we started, back in 2016. I do like a spot of nostalgia.

And lastly but not least all the work on my renewed website was done by Gareth of Digital Shed45. I can thoroughly recommend Gareth if you want a website created, revamped or maintained. He’d love to hear from you.

We’re at the bottom of the page and this is where I say … If there’s anything I can help you with in the world of Lean let me know. Check out our services to see what we can do for you. And don’t forget to read all our positive feedback.