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All of our services can be delivered live online or live at a location of your choice.

Training programme

We offer practical and interactive Lean training programmes to meet your needs. Our programmes range from compact introductions to Lean through to an in-depth programme designed to enable you to facilitate a process improvement event. Recent programmes include:

  • An afternoon Lean activity session as part of an “away day” for staff
  • A series of one-day programmes for Senior Managers
  • A 10-hour online programme spread over five days for new staff
  • A two-day programme for administrative staff
  • A three-day programme Vice-Chancellors of public universities
  • A five-day programme for developing Lean Facilitators

Process improvement events

One of our strengths is facilitating Lean process improvement events. We do this either stand-alone or with your staff if they are part of our Lean facilitator training programme.


We are keen to help if you are looking for some quick advice about Lean. Please get in touch. No hard sell, we promise.


We will work with you to assess your organisation’s readiness for Lean, on how to introduce Lean thinking to your organisation, to review your Lean programme, and to provide ongoing support for your Lean journey.

Seminars and workshops

We offer a range of practical and interactive seminars and workshops that can be delivered individually or combined as part of a tailored programme to meet your needs.

Conference presentations

We are available to speak at your conference.

Our contributions to the field of Lean in higher education have been significant and impactful, spanning various aspects of Lean implementation, strategy, and operations across multiple institutions and international platforms.

Overview of contributions to Lean in higher education

Establishing and leading Lean teams

Lean Team Setup: At the Lean HE Annual Conference 2019, we presented key considerations and strategies for establishing and leading effective Lean teams within educational institutions.

Enhancing university operations

Improved Enrolment Management: During the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation conference in 2019, we explored Lean techniques to enhance enrolment management processes, aiming to streamline operations and improve the student experience.

Applying Lean to Back-office Operations: At the 2nd Shared Services in Higher Education conference in 2017, we demonstrated the application of Lean concepts to complex back-office operations to boost efficiency and reduce waste.

Strategic implementation of Lean

Lean Direction and Strategy: In the University Strategic Planning & Resource Management Conference 2019, we discussed the strategic direction and future prospects of Lean practices in universities.

BOSCARD in Higher Education: Our presentation at the International Conference on Lean Six Sigma for Higher Education 2019 introduced the BOSCARD framework and its application in higher education contexts.

Case studies and models

Lean at University of St Andrews and Ghanaian Universities: At the National Union of Ghanaian Students Scotland Conference 2018, we showcased Lean initiatives at the University of St Andrews and their influence on Ghanaian universities.

Lessons from Lean Implementation: Our session at the Lean HE Annual Conference 2017 shared insights and lessons from over a decade of Lean implementation at the University of St Andrews.

The St Andrews Lean Model: Over multiple conferences, including the Network for Change and Continuous Innovation Conference (2016), European Lean Educators Conference (2015), Lean HE Hub Annual Conference (2015), and the International Conference on Lean Six Sigma for HE (2014), we detailed the St Andrews Lean Model, its frameworks, tools, techniques, and the lessons learned from its application.

Through these contributions, we have advanced the understanding and implementation of Lean methodologies in higher education, fostering a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence in universities worldwide.

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What people say...

University of Essex

University of Essex, England

“Materials were excellent … the very open approach to sharing materials … is much appreciated.”

Dundee and Angus College

Dundee and Angus College, Scotland

“A great process to simply what was a massive task.”

University of St Andrews Shop

University of St Andrews Shop, Scotland

“Lean really opened our eyes to a new way of doing things … and this has made a massive difference to how we run the store.”

Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia

Macquarie University, Australia

“This week has definitely challenged me to question our university processes. WOO!”

Dublin City University

Dublin City University, Ireland

“Thank you for your time, it was lovely to work with you. You helped us make a lot of sense out of some outdated chaos.”

The Scottish Parliament

The Scottish Parliament, Scotland

“This was the first time the Lean approach had been used in the Scottish Parliament. It was a very positive experience.”

Brunel London University

Brunel University London, England

“The programme was very good but the most enjoyable aspect was working with Mark. His approach is fantastic.”

University of Education, Ghana

University of Education, Ghana

“A very good experience. The lessons learnt have been enormous and revealing.”

University of Professional Studies Accra, Ghana

University of Professional Studies Accra, Ghana

“In all it was a very good programme and I will love to do it again.”

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, WI, USA

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, WI, USA

“Enthusiasm was high. Mark was AWESOME!. Information was GREAT.”

University for Development Studies, Ghana

University for Development Studies, Ghana

“Perfect delivery by the facilitators. I enjoyed every bit of it. It has given me immense knowledge on Lean.”

Queen Margaret University, Scotland

Queen Margaret University, Scotland

“[The] simulation was an excellent opportunity to see how it really works.”

Ghana Tertiary Education Commission, Ghana

Ghana Tertiary Education Commission, Ghana

“The delivery, coordination and handouts were excellent.”

Al Faruq College of Education, Ghana

Al Faruq College of Education, Ghana

“The entire programme was fantastic.”

Accra College of Education, Ghana

Accra College of Education, Ghana

“The lectures were very very fantastic. The presenters were very knowledgeable in the Lean theory and its practical applications.”

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