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Training programme

As well as delivering our online self-paced training programme through this website, we can also deliver it for your organisation live online, live at your organisation or live at St Andrews.

Seminars and workshops

We offer a range of seminars and workshops that can be delivered individually or combined as part of a tailored programme that meets your needs.

Most of our seminars and workshops can be delivered live online, and all can be delivered live at your organisation or live at St Andrews.

Conference presentations

We are available to speak at your conference.

Process improvement events

Process Improvement Events can be delivered live online or at your organisation.


We are keen to help if you are looking for some quick advice about Lean. Send us an email or book a call. No hard sell, we promise.


Additional services include working with you to assess organisational readiness for Lean, introducing Lean thinking to your organisation, and providing ongoing support on your Lean journey.

Please contact us for more information.

What people say...

University of Essex, UK

"Materials were excellent ... the very open approach to sharing materials ... is much appreciated."

Dundee and Angus College, Scotland

"A great process to simply what was a massive task."

University of St Andrews Shop, Scotland

"Lean really opened our eyes to a new way of doing things … and this has made a massive difference to how we run the store."

Macquarie University, Australia

"This week has definitely challenged me to question our university processes. WOO!"

Dublin City University, Ireland

"Thank you for your time, it was lovely to work with you. You helped us make a lot of sense out of some outdated chaos."

Scottish Parliament, Scotland

"This was the first time the Lean approach had been used in the Scottish Parliament. It was a very positive experience."

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