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These terms and conditions (“the Terms”) set out the basis upon which we, standrewslean.com and st-andrews-lean-consulting.mykajabi.com, will provide the Services, as defined below, to you.

By accepting these Terms, you are agreeing to be bound by them. These Terms exclude and take precedence over any terms which you may seek to introduce.

St Andrews Lean Consulting operates standrewslean.com and st-andrews-lean-consulting.mykajabi.com (“Sites”).

These web-based sites provide information relating to approaches, models, ideas, information, tools, techniques and strategies concerning Lean process improvement (the “Service”).

We shall endeavour to ensure that the Sites are live and operational at all times. However we may from time to time have to take the Sites off-line for repair, maintenance or development purposes. Also, the Sites may go off-line because of circumstances beyond our reasonable control. In these circumstances, we shall not be liable to you or any third party for any interruption or delay in the operation of the Sites, any inability to access the Sites or any failure to provide the Service.

Parties agree that the Service is in the nature of education. The scope of service provided by St Andrews Lean Consulting according to this Agreement are limited to those listed on myexpertiseonline.uk website. St Andrews Lean Consulting reserves the right to substitute services equal to or comparable to the services listed if the need arises, without prior notice.


The content of this Site (except where otherwise stated) is copyright of St Andrews Lean Consulting. This agreement does not confer any express license in your favour to use any part of the Site for your own commercial purposes, nor may any such license be implied.

Where you provide material to us for inclusion on the Site, you grant us a non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty free license to use the material for any purpose whatsoever.

If you have any questions regarding the Services, please contact St Andrews Lean Consulting by email using the contact form on this website.

All images and media on this website have been used in accordance with the owners of such images and media where the identities of those owners were known, following reasonable enquiries, by St Andrews Lean Consulting. In the event that you think any image or media used on this website infringes any copyright please inform us immediately and we will take all necessary steps to ensure that any such image or media is forthwith altered or removed as appropriate.


In order to use the Service, you will be required to provide information about yourself including your name, email address, username and password, and other personal information. You agree that any registration information you give to St Andrews Lean Consulting will always be accurate, correct, and up to date. You must not impersonate someone else or provide account information or an email address other than your own.

You agree to be financially responsible for all purchases made by you or someone acting on your behalf through the Site. You agree to use the Site and to purchase services or products through the Site for legitimate, non-commercial purposes only.

We will email you to confirm the placement of your order and with details concerning product delivery and ongoing payments. In the event that there is an error in this email confirmation, it is your responsibility to inform us as soon as possible.

Once confirmed, we will provide you access to the purchased Service. You agree and understand that access to the Service may at times be influenced and affected by third parties that we use to provide the Service (web hosting, membership site plugins, etc.). You agree and understand that no breach of contract action may be initiated against St Andrews Lean Consulting when there are reasonable delays in the access of the Service.

St Andrews Lean Consulting reserves the right to terminate the Service, and or access to certain features of the Service, with or without prior notice to you. We will make reasonable efforts to provide notice but is not required to do so under the terms of this agreement.

Lifetime Access is for the lifetime of the Service. If for any reason, St Andrews Lean Consulting should dissolve or cease to exist, then your access to the Service terminates.

Earnings and Income Disclaimer
St Andrews Lean Consulting cannot and does not make any guarantees about your ability to get results or earn any money with our approach, model, ideas, information, tools, techniques or strategies. You should know that all products and services by our company are for educational and informational purposes only. Nothing on this page, any of our websites, or any of our content or curriculum is a promise or guarantee of results or future earnings.

Cancellations and refunds

Refunds for booked events will be considered up to 1 week before the event date.

Refunds for online courses cannot be considered once the client has started the online course.

Please contact us in the first instance by telephoning our office on 01334 466021 or by using the contact form on the front page of this site, giving your telephone number and the reason for your cancellation.


St Andrews Lean Consulting makes no representations, warranties, or assurances as to the accuracy, currency or completeness of the content contained on this website or any sites linked to or from this site.

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Limitation of liability

St Andrews Lean Consulting shall not in any event be liable for any indirect or special consequential damages or any damages whatsoever, including loss of data or profits arising out of the use of this site.

The information should be used ‘as is’ without any warranty, representation, condition, undertaking or term of any kind, express or implied, statutory or otherwise, including without limitation, the warranties of merchantability, non-infringement of intellectual property, or fitness for a particular purpose.

We may at any time amend these Terms and Conditions. Such amendments are effective immediately upon notice to you by us posting the new Terms and Conditions on this Site.

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Dated: 2 December 2021