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About the Lean training programme

The programme is an enhanced development of the face-to-face training we have delivered around in world, to a range of organisations, in countries such as Australia, Ghana, Malaysia, the UK and the USA.

Lean fundamentals

An excellent in-depth introduction to Lean for staff at all levels. You will learn about the basic elements of Lean, what happens at process improvement events and using Lean on a daily basis. A prerequisite for our Lean Project Simulation.

  1. The Basics of Lean
  2. Process Improvement Model
  3. Scoping a Lean Project
  4. Mapping and Ideas
  5. Daily Lean

Course fees: £499 (excluding VAT if applicable)

Group discounts available

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Lean project simulation

Apply your learnings from the Lean Fundamentals course in a controlled situation. You get the chance to facilitate a simulated Lean project, all the way from an idea for improvement is raised through to closing the project.

An ideal opportunity to practice facilitating a rapid improvement event and to get a full understanding of the Lean project process.

  1. Request and Scoping
  2. Training and Planning
  3. Redesign 1
  4. Redesign 2
  5. Implementation, Review and Feedback

Course fees: £1250 (excluding VAT if applicable)

Group discounts available

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Course structure

The two courses are structured to enable you to go from developing a good understanding of Lean all the way through to being able to facilitate your own process improvement events.

Lean Fundamentals

The Lean Fundamentals course consists of five modules broken down into lessons.

Each module lasts approximately 90 minutes, the course taking approximately seven and a half hours to complete.

Many lessons contain one or more Lean learning exercises to reinforce your understanding. The time allocated to the exercises is a minimum, and you will benefit from spending additional time to completely familiarise yourself with, and understand the relevance of, those exercises.

The course is delivered recorded and is accessible via your login on our website. Progress through the course is self-paced. We will be holding regular weekly live group sessions where we can, for example, discuss your progress, answer your questions, and share experiences.

The course can also be delivered live online for organisations, and it can also be delivered live at your organisation or if you want to come to Scotland, at St Andrews.

Lean Project Simulation

The Lean Project Simulation course is a practical instructor-led course that is delivered online and live. The course is scheduled to run at regular intervals over one week, or over a weekend, and will cater for various time zones. Times and dates the course will run will be available on our website.

The five modules of this course vary in length from one and a half to three hours and combined, the course takes approximately 12 hours.

The course can also be delivered live at your organisation or if you want to come to Scotland, at St Andrews.

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What people say...

Brunel University London, England

"The programme was very good but the most enjoyable aspect was working with Mark. His approach is fantastic."

University of Education, Ghana

"A very good experience. The lessons learnt have been enormous and revealing."

University of Professional Studies Accra, Ghana

"In all it was a very good programme and I will love to do it again."

Wisconsin Indianhead Technical College, WI, USA

"Enthusiasm was high. Mark was AWESOME!. Information was GREAT."

University for Development Studies, Ghana

"Perfect delivery by the facilitators. I enjoyed every bit of it. It has given me immense knowledge on Lean."

Queen Margaret University, Scotland

"[The] simulation was an excellent opportunity to see how it really works."

Ghana Tertiary Education Commission, Ghana

"The delivery, coordination and handouts were excellent."

Al Faruq College of Education, Ghana

"The entire programme was fantastic."

Accra College of Education, Ghana

"The lectures were very very fantastic. The presenters were very knowledgeable in the Lean theory and its practical applications."